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  1. Patricia Kraft says:

    Just got your post card in the mail and decided to see what kind of influence you have on the renting community. We moved to Ewa Beach ten months ago into Kapilina which was at the top end of our affordability. We are a family of 5 females ranging from 5 to 75. I am Tutu here caring for the grandkids while my daughter tries to earn a living (which is shored up by me). We were under the impression we had a year lease but in Nov we were given notice to vacate Dec 15, 2015 only ten days before Christmas. I went to the office to see if we could avoid the exit just before Christmas so they decided we could stay until the 31st. Our family prayed for some kind of favor and we were given a short term lease until June. Moving is tramatic in every arena from emotional to financial and the reason we are having to vacate is so they can reno the unit we are in. Many families have been asked to vacate without regard to the hardship it creates. I have spoken to more than one family that have to leave with only 4 weeks notice. The community is being up graded with many ammenities so we do have the option to stay within the community but with substantial increase in rent when we are already almost at the ceiling of what we can afford. None of this was disclosed when we moved here and frankly this information was intentional covered up which then puts the renter in such a tight window that they are forced to stay due to low inventory within a budget but now that the rent is going up greatly they are basically cleaning house so to speak to change the clients they now service seems to be where they are heading. What kind of rights to renters have? No wonder there is such a blight of homeless people as the rent isn’t affordable coupled with the fact that when your lease is up they can raise the rent without any limitations forcing people out with little regard to the impact that has on the community at large. My grand daughter just startaed school this year and if we hadn’t gotten an extension she would have had to change schools and starting school is already tramatic enough. A couple of her class mates have to move for the same reason we willl have to in June. Finding a new place that requires the first and last months rent before we get the depsit back from our move out is yet another huge issue again puttng us at the mercy of current community since we can use the deposit for another unit in Kapilina knowing the rent will be more than we can swing. Is there no legislation that blocks landlords from raising rent more than a reasonable amount. People struggle here to begin with because of the high rent and their incomes doesn’t go up in proportion to the rent increases. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and it would seem to me at some point this will create more empty units then full ones or creating layered renters with more than one family in same unit to split the rent and again causing other social issues. All this affects the over crowded schools in Ewa Beach so there is a ripple affect for sure. Thanks for your time,

    Patricia Kraft.

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