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  1. Lisa Saito says:

    Not sure where you stand on Common Core, but I’m getting very frustrated that I can’t find any advocacy group here that can use this information….. I was told that I could opt my son (16 years old) out of the SBAC test by submitting a letter to the school. I did this on the advice of the school councilor. He assured me that opting out was possible. I also heard the same from several other DOE educators. Well, I just got a phone call that a Principals meeting was recently held where they were told that NO STUDENT is allowed to opt out of the test! The councilor was very apologetic and expressed his disappointment in this directive. If you have been looking in to Common Core here, I thought that you might want to know about this. I’m not in your district but support all that you have been fighting for! Thank you for your time.

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